Heavier than Air

Heavier than Air

Bacterium 1 Heavier5 IMG_20140421_212541 copyIMG_20140612_161511Camera 360

6 minuets immersive Video installation 
For Oculus Rift




There is a general chain of events that applies to infections. Starting with adhesion and
colonization, Invasion, replication and finally dissemination.The inter species communication
is far more advanced, some use a process of chemical censorship to prevent individuals
of certain groups communicating, or even particular message types being sent.

Liquid, bodies, and floating objects in a 360 degree image is the experience that ‘Heavier
than Air’, offers to its audience. It is for them to decide where adhesion turns into colonization
and where their body is standing in this ongoing effort for survival.


Choreography and design: Setareh Fatehi and Karin Verbruggen
Multimedia designer and technical manager: Frederick Rodrigues
Dancers: Setareh Fatehi, Karin Verbruggen, Jessica, Nadia Bekkers, Nicolas Roses
Technical support and studio: PiPS:lab
Swimming pool: Elske and Jan Bast


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