Bodiless Heads No.1 # Simulacrum

FLAM VI | Forum for Live Art Amsterdam. Arti Et AmicitiaeIMG_4020IMG_20150314_145004IMG_4249IMG_4543




40 minute performance



Bodiless heads is a metaphor, a hypothesis, an imaginary state that relates to evasive, multilayered, courtesy culture. Bodiless heads is a research on missing bodies, absent bodies, bodies without organs, bodies that are neglected in the history of hierarchical structure of power perhaps because they tell us too much about the reality of their time.

In Simulacrum we question moral borders such as the depiction of skin, shared intimacy and the hierarchy of body parts through the close up framing of a CCTV camera.

This performance was recorded in March 2016 at FLAM (Festival for live art Amsterdam) in Arti Gallery.

The work of:
Setareh Fatehi
Frederick Rodrigues
Pouya Ehsaei
Tara Fatehi Irani

Produced by Stichting Tussenruimte Kunst


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